Melvin Salberg
1997 - 1999
Amb. Ronald S. Lauder
1999 - 2001
Mortimer B. Zuckerman
2001 - 2003
James S. Tisch
2003 - 2005
Harold Tanner
2005 - 2007
June Walker, z”l
2007 - 2008
Alan P. Solow
2009 - 2011
Richard B. Stone
2011 - 2013
Honoring past chairs whose vision, dedication, and skilled diplomacy have elevated the Conference of Presidents to the forefront of American Jewish life for half a century. Their commitment and inspired leadership have helped gain support and build coalitions with a broad spectrum of America's leaders, people, and ties with world leaders that enable the Conference to address current issues at home and abroad and prepare to meet future challenges.
Special Tribute
To Malcolm Hoenlein for his more than 25 years at the helm of the Conference and 40 years of exemplary professional leadership.
Malcolm I. Hoenlein
Executive Vice Chairman / CEO
Special recognition to those who led the Conference of Presidents for the first four decades, helping initiate and enhance this unprecedented institution to serve as the central body and broadest umbrella of the American Jewish community, addressing national and international concerns.
• Dr. Nachum Goldmann, z”l
• Philip Klutznick, z”l
• Label Katz, z”l
• Rabbi Irving Miller, z”l
• Lewis Weinstein, z”l
• Dr. Yoachim Prinz, z”l
• Rabbi Herschel Schacter, z”l
• Dr. William Wexler, z”l
• Jacob Stein, z”l
• Rabbi Israel Miller, z”l
• Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler, z”l
• Theodore Mann
• Howard M. Squadron, z”l
• Julius Berman
• Kenneth J. Bialkin
• Amb. Morris B. Abram, z”l
• Seymour D. Reich
• Shoshana S. Cardin
• Lester Pollack
• Leon Levy, z”l
Yehuda Hellman, z”l, Executive Vice Chair (1959-1986)